Why we are differents

The «why» is harder to explain than the «how.» All successful institutions share certain values; that is what makes them more than just an expense-sharing device. And many large law firms would no doubt assert that the values laid out below are part of their foundation values. We can’t speak to other firms, but we can say that our basic values have been at the foundation ofIgnacio BlazquezLawyerfrom its inception, and continue to guide our lawyers in providing service to our clients. These values dictate the Firm’s approach to every issue, internal or external, that it faces, and include:

Integrity, both individually and institutionally, in dealings with our clients, the courts, our adversaries, and among ourselves;

A sense of personal accountability for every decision, judgment, and action on behalf of our clients or the Firm;

A level of competence which is marked by creativity and judgment that makes the quality and value of our services distinctive, and which our lawyers will enhance by continued professional growth;

dedication to our clients’ interests and an intensity of effort which distinguish our lawyers from others in the profession;

An independence which does not detract from dedication to the interests of our clients but which always enables us to determine, and to advise, what is in the best interests of our clients;

Courage in representing our clients in hostile and sometimes individually threatening environments;

An understanding of our clients that makes us more sensitive to their concerns and objectives and a discipline that makes us more responsive to their needs;

determination to provide quality legal services to our clients with real efficiency and within an organization structured to facilitate, rather than to impede, the achievement of these objectives;

A true unity of purpose among our lawyers which places the welfare of our clients and the Firm above that of any practice, region, office, or individual; and

Commitment to this Firm as a professional endeavor, composed of people who have the same professional values and aspirations, the most important of which are contained in these principles.

Selling: A step by step guide


An agent will be very hepful to a seller. He will advise about selling prices on your area.

Agents fees are usually paid by the seller as a percentage of the selling (5 %).

Once that you have agrred selling price with buyer and after your agent assistance, there are some very important legal requirements to complete the sale . That’s why you must appoint a lawyer to ensure that the entire process it’s trouble free.


This is a very impòrtant agreement, you must receive a holding deposit, and your property it will be taken off the market.

Before to agreed any price , you must check legal cost involved:

-Check your capital gain.

-Plusvalia (municipality Tax).

Legal cost must be agreed , do not accept Fees Payable According Spanish Law, you must agreed total fees paid by buyer.

On exchange private agrement DO NOT GET POSESION (keys) to buyer until finnal payment at completion time.

You must agreed than money received is not “refundable” as a penalty if transaction

At completion date do not acept:

–           Cash payments, all payments must be done by certified Bankers Draft.

–           Never agreed undeclared price deed. Price on title deeds must be minimum all money received.

Our Law Firm have to cancell your contract reference to the property supply expenses and to cancell direct debits.

It is very important to organise your Spanish Income & wealth Tax and apply for your retention 3 % money back , if possible.

More than 50 years…

We are  an English speaking Law Firm , leaded by  Barrister Mr.Ignacio Blazquez, born in Malaga in 1.962, based in the South  of Spain (Marbella) with experienced lawyers whom specialise in Legal, Financial and Property services all around in Spain.

Hundred per cent of ours clients are non residents most of then Britsish, so we are at your disposal for providing personal advice, we know your legal  problems.

If it is your fist contact with property law in Spain, let us with more of  fifty years experience in property market on the coast, offer you some basic guide lines to complete the entire purchase or selling procedure in a succesfull way.

Our Lawyers have sufficient knowledge and are specialists of the areas of Spanish Law and Rights of our clients, understanding perfectly the concerns of a non-resident who is dealing in a foreign country, providing a guarantee for your interest. Our Law Firm works basically to give our clients a professional, friendly and efficient service. A foreigner owning a property in Spain is extremely foolish if he does not take independent legal advice.

Our legal team, include Barrister,  is an association of several professionals as  Economists, Accountants and Fiscal Advisors specialist on Spanish Law. All members of our staff speak several languages such as Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French.

We  provides fiscal and legal advice on company and business affairs, tax and accountancy advice, assistance on residential and commercial conveyancing, Wills and inheritance matters, civil litigation and criminal cases.

We will be pleased to help you in any area and look forward to welcoming you as a client.

Our Recommendation…


Our Job…

It is advisable to use a lawyer based in Spain who will provide the legal guarantees for the purchase of the property, ensuring that Spanish legal requirements are met. As your lawyer will check to ensure that the property is bought free of encumbrances, liens, charges or debts and that all payments of local contributions and community charges are paid, also if the developer has planning permission to build. The property searches may vary depending on the kind of property that you have chosen to purchase. Using a lawyer from your home country could substantially increase your legal fees and most certainly will delay the sales process, also he probably does not have any knowledge of Spanish Law.

Reverse mortages

A lifetime mortgage is a form of equity release scheme for people over 65 years old, where a loan is secured against your property to provide with a monthly income to spend as you wish.

Usually interest is added to the lifetime mortgage loan , accruing at a fixed or variable rate. The loan plus interest is eventually paid back when you and your partner die. At that point the inheritors will inherit the home and the debt, and they will be able to liquidate it by selling the home, or by taking on a new mortgage, or with their money.

Since it is a loan, tax is not incurred on the monthly income